XRP price rises with These 3 News

XRP price rises with These 3 News

As the tension between Ripple and the SEC continued, price of XRP jumped in the last 24 hours and rose by about 50%. An air of growth also prevailed throughout the cryptocurrency sector. Total value of the cryptocurrency market has exceeded $ 1 trillion. So, what could be the developments that have triggered the rise for XRP?

XRP, which fell from $ 0.75 to $ 0.17 because of the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple, rose with a few good news that came this week. XRP was valued at 47% in 24 hours, rose as much as $ 0.33. Litecoin thus fell behind XRP again. You can find three developments in our news that may have triggered this rise.

Graph showing price change for XRP in last 24 hours

Flare Network AirDrop for XRP investor

Flare Network AirDrop, which is believed to have played a major role in increasing the price of XRP above the $ 0.70 band. They promised FLR tokens at a 1:1 ratio for the XRP investor. Airdrop event, which took place in mid-December, took a snapshot of XRP wallets on participating platforms. More than 110 thousand people participated in Spark AirDrop with the support of exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance and Bithumb.

After Airdrop, the price of the FLR token also began to become clear when the Bitrue exchange opened the flr/XRP parity for trading on the basis of the IOU. According to cryptocurrency platform Bitrue, the value of 1 FLR is recorded as $ 0.13 at the time of writing. XRP community has great faith that price of XRP will be positively affected by launch of FLR token.

Uphold exchange next to XRP

Leading U.S. exchanges and platforms have stopped trading on XRP, while the Uphold Exchange has opted to side with XRP. Uphold announced in a statement that it had not suspended XRP transactions despite the SEC lawsuit and would not take a final decision against XRP.

Cryptocurrency exchange Uphold has targeted other exchanges that have halted XRP transactions as a precaution before a clear decision is made. JP Thieriot, CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange, called for unity against the SEC, saying the attitude taken by regulators could horribly affect the entire cryptocurrency world.

Campaign launched for XRP reaches 35 thousand signatures

A signature campaign has been launched for the US government to evaluate XRP as its currency. The campaign, launched online after the SEC’s move against Ripple, collected more than 35 thousand signatures. Another 65 thousand signatures must be collected in order for the voices of people participating in the signature campaign to be heard by the US government. The White House will be expected to respond to the petition when 100 thousand signatures are collected by the campaign.

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