XRP Owners Flock To Spark AirDrop! Here Are The Airdrop Statistics

coinputin.com – A total of 17.5 billion XRP has been collected in more than 81,500 wallets for Ripple-backed Flare Networks ‘ upcoming AirDrop. In addition, the amount of XRP raised by hodl increased by 421 million and 36,646 new wallets were created.

Cryptocurrency investors who transfer their XRP to a suitable wallet will receive free Spark tokens at a 1:1 ratio when Flare receives a snapshot on December 12th.

In addition, a growing number of exchanges said they would support AirDrop and distribute Spark tokens to their users in proportion to their XRP assets. Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges announced on Saturday, will also support AirDrop.

Flare is trying to expand the use of XRP by allowing users to enter into smart contracts on Ripple’s local presence. Investors and traders who hold spark can also use the new token as collateral to leverage assets in the Flare ecosystem.

Also, those who store their XRP in private wallets or hold it in a non-participating exchange can still join Spark AirDrop. In a Coil post, Xrpl Labs founder Wietse Wind states that XRP ledger wallet holders must prove the suitability of the wallet.

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