“Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?” New stage in the debate: Style of writing is inconsistent!

Creator of largest cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto is perhaps beginning to be recognized and explored by larger crowds

Bitcoin hits record high these days. Creator of largest cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto is perhaps beginning to be recognized and explored by larger crowds. Nakamoto’s identity has been unclear for years, and many theories about him have been put forward. A study dated December 31, 2020 claims that Nakamoto deliberately changed the way he used British and American English to avoid recognition.

Spelling language of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin, but it is still unclear whether it is a person or a group, has always been one of the main topics of many theories. Many guesses about his identity and where he lived. There conclusions about his use of British English or his spelling language.

Important details in writing style…

On the night of December 31, ungeared.com a study was published at his address and attempted to shed light on Nakamoto’s mystery. Title of the work is “the Strange Story of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Spelling Choices: Part 1” i.e. “the strange story of Satoshi Nakamoto’s spelling Choices: 1. Section”

Ungeared.com researchers at Satoshi Nakamoto examined his writing style, his errors, and his use of American and British English. Study also investigated, how people were convinced of Nakamoto’s use of British English, and how, despite much analysis on the subject, so few conclusions could be drawn. Study also commented on Nakamoto’s Barely Sociable Youtube account, which did some serious research on his identity.:

“Inconsistent choices”

“ As a results of Ungeared.com, we decided to examine Nakamoto’s articles (e-mail, sharing and Bitcoin white paper) in more detail and statistically. In first part of our study, we look at his writing style. Satoshi’s British and American English choices were inconsistent”

“Mixed writing style”
Analyzing spelling style and spelling is a mathematical method that goes directly to the goal, making it less time consuming, report said. Researchers examined all of Satoshi’s words and produced some examples:

“We managed to extract 108 samples. Breakdown of words is as follows: American English 52, British English 35 and mixed 21 … Satoshi also used different styles in his posts or emails, sometimes even on the same day”

First English, then American English in the same text
According to analysis report, Satoshi’s writing style was always inconsistent from the beginning. As an example, Bitcoin white paper was shown. Here, Satoshi writes “favor” in British English, while at the end of the file he writes “characterized” in American English spelling style. Someone who uses British English should have written “characterised” here. Study’s authors note that Satoshi in some cases uses different styles of writing, even for the same words.

Of course, two important questions arise here. Did Satoshi make these discrepancies on purpose, or was he not a single person, but a group of people who wrote in American and British English?

Spelling style has also changed according to the days

Another very interesting data was obtained in the study. As an example, Satoshi wrote “optimization” in one of two separate sentences on the same day, and “optimization” in the other. In addition, some days of the week were used only in American, while other days were used in British English:

“Saturday, Monday and Wednesday American English are usually used. Tuesday, Friday and Sunday two styles of writing are available in mixed form. Thursday is more British English. These results do not mean that the division of writing styles into days was deliberately chosen by Nakamoto. It can also be completely random. Monday is decidedly Satoshi’s busiest day, and Tuesday is a comfortable day.”

“The truth is that his writing style is inconsistent”
Report also looked at whether Satoshi’s American-style spelling was with a Canadian accent, and found that Bitcoin’s inventor did not actually use a spelling Corrector. Therefore, spelling changes may also have been made on purpose:

“There is a possibility that this is part of the plan. It can make tracking difficult by creating inconsistencies in the spelling style. Perhaps the Satoshi were a group of several people who mastered different varieties of British English. Or he may have been born in the UK and then worked for an American company, but the truth is that his writing style was inconsistent”

Share removed from Rdeddit

Another interesting situation has occurred on this issue. Shared article removed from Reddit. Apparently Blockstream software developer Greg Maxwell, also known as “nullc” on Reddit, didn’t like the work. Maxwell talked to Reddit moderators about the issue and asked for sharing to be removed.

In a statement, authors of report said that Bitcoin posts on Reddit had been censored by moderators for some time. But that there were no words in their work that disparaged Bitcoin in any way.

“They can’t accept any difference of thought. I think he was unhappy that he couldn’t win an intellectual debate and he did that. That’s what he does best; censorship, blocking and throwing it off the platform… our Second work will come soon. Here we will examine the writings of people who are likely to be Satoshi.”

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