What Are The Safest Ways To Store Bitcoin?

how to keep your bitcoin safe

Software expert Ben Kaufman offered some advice on what steps Bitcoin owners can take on security. Kaufman said the question most posed to him was, “what’s the best way to keep Bitcoin safe?”

Ben Kaufman, a software expert in Bitcoin projects, recently responded to BTC security questions posed to him. First, Kaufman said, best way to ensure this is that BTC can always be maintained at higher levels. In his remarks, he touched on measures that ensure maximum security from user-friendly options.

Security measures vary from person to person

Ben Kaufman said that security measures that will be taken due to many factors, such as everyone’s technological knowledge, use, and understanding of Bitcoin, will also differ. As a first measure, users can keep their Bitcoins on the stock market, Kaufman said. If a person does not know how to store their BTC outside the stock market, this may be the best choice.

However, according to Kaufman, if a user wants to keep their BTC on the exchange themselves, they can use a hot wallet. “That’s a good thing, because you’ll be storing your Bitcoin yourself, it could be preferable in the form of a mobile or desktop app.” said. But he stressed that different factors would come into play on safety.

Hardware wallets and nodes for ultimate security

“Learn how to buy and sell BTC transfers in small amounts, such as deleting and backing up. Don’t try to take action on things you don’t know about. Hardware wallets can be used, but they also require some complex operations. Never type your hardware wallet password on your computer.

Kaufman warned that all transactions should be carried out in the wallet. He said that the preference for a hardware wallet can also change completely in line with personal needs.

Users who want to move things forward can learn to run their own nodes along with their hardware wallets, the programmer said, noting that doing so greatly increases security. He also mentioned that not using the node could expose users to some privacy and security vulnerabilities.

Final advice: multisig wallet

Kaufman stated that Multisig wallets offer the ability to store Bitcoin with a combination of different devices, thus stressing that it is possible to access the wallet from other devices if any device is compromised.

Finally, the programmer said;

“My advice to you is to choose security measures that best suit your needs. I just went through a brief summary from the most user-friendly options to the safest options. Do hard research, learn, test what you’ve learned, and increase your security even more over time. By the way, I’m not a security expert, I’m just sharing my experience. Stay safe.

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