What are the future predictions of artificial intelligence knowing the price of XRP 1 year in advance?

The website WalletInvestor made an important forecast by evaluating the possibility of the active growth of XRP in November last year, as we informed you. According to the estimation made by artificial intelligence by evaluating various data, XRP would reach $ 0.65 in 2020. As a matter of fact, this prediction turned out to be correct.

So what does artificial intelligence say for the coming days? According to the estimates made by WalletInvestor on the data obtained, XRP will reach a maximum of $ 1 by the end of the year.

WalletInvestor Artificial Intelligence Predictions

DateAverage ValueMinimum ValueMaximum Value
28 December 2020$ 0.7034$ 0.447$ 0.953
29 December 2020$ 0.719$ 0.461$ 0.998
30 December 2020$ 0.736$ 0.457$ 1.001
31 December 2020$ 0.755$ 0.490$ 1.012

What Does It Foresee For The Next Year?
Artificial intelligence also predicted the levels XRP could see for 2021. WalletInvestor predicts a decline in XRP for the next year. Accordingly, XRP could drop to $ 0.320 next year.

Some analysts also think that XRP will continue to rise. Apart from that, some analysts comment that XRP may decline after the Spark Token Airdrop.

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