Whale Action: Are XRP Investors Preparing For Spark AirDrop?

coinputin.com – Bitcoin and XRP whales are surfacing in flocks as the week closes.

On Friday, two BTC whales moved a total of 29,217 BTC, worth about $ 564.2 million. Both transactions sent Bitcoin from one wallet whose source is unknown to another.

None of these addresses have a known connection to storage platforms or exchanges.

  • 7,371 BTC worth $ 143 million sent from unknown wallet to unknown wallet
  • 21,846 BTC worth $ 421.2 million sent from unknown wallet to unknown wallet

XRP whales are also on the move. During the same time period, the major owners of the third-largest cryptocurrency sent a total of 634.610.356 XRP worth about $ 372.7 million. The largest single transaction took place at noon yesterday and sent 450,094,745 XRP worth $ 265.7 million to the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi from an unknown wallet.

The move is one of several transactions that have sent large amounts of XRP to exchanges in the past few days. Cryptocurrency holders may be sending their XRP to exchanges that support the upcoming Flare AirDrop to make it easy for them to receive SPARK token shares.

The largest XRP transactions since Friday are as follows::

  • 74,999,900 XRP worth $ 42.2 million sent from an unknown wallet to an unknown wallet
  • 50,000,000 XRP worth $ 30.9 million sent to Bybit from an unknown wallet
  • 29,999,980 XRP worth $ 17.1 million transferred to Coinbase from an unknown wallet
  • 10,000,000 XRP worth $ 5.8 million transferred to Binance from an unknown wallet
  • 10,000,000 XRP worth $ 5.7 million sent to Binance from an unknown wallet
  • 9,515,731 XRP worth $ 5.3 million sent from SBI VC trade to an unknown wallet
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