US Currency Control Office Chief: No One Will Block Bitcoin! – Brian Brooks, chief of the U.S. currency control office (OCC), made important statements about Bitcoin in a program he also joined CNBC. Brooks said Bitcoin could not be blocked by anyone.

Brooks made a statement about the regulations that are constantly being talked about about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. “We’re trying to get it right, we’re trying not to mess it up,” Brooks said of the regulations on cryptocurrency wallets mentioned by Coinbase CEO Armstorng on the program. Brooks said that developing the networks behind Bitcoin and others is extremely important, but also that something needs to be done about money laundering and terrorism financing, which will provide balance and be good for everyone.

Asked if we should expect new regulations, Brooks said::

“There will be new good news for cryptocurrencies. There will be more positive messages about both blockchain and cryptocurrencies. You know, the world is a dangerous place, and we all agree. Don’t worry, no one will block Bitcoin, no one can block transfer technology. That’s the least people should worry about.”

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