Unlucky dad completely lost $ 50k LINK with simple mistake

A cryptocurrency user accidentally sent $ 50k link to a smart contract address while trying to transfer it to a wallet and lost it forever.

As well as exit scams in the DeFi World, funds sent to the wrong addresses are also hurting. Finally, a user sent their entire backlog to a smart contract that doesn’t support the fund. Because the contract did not support tokens, the funds were locked in here forever, and this person lost all his savings.

The user stated in his text to GitHub that he accidentally sent 4.005 chainlink (LINK) to the decentralized financial game aavegotchi’s smart contract. As a result of the contract’s failure to support tokens, the funds were lost forever.

A statement from Pixelcraft Studios, developer of Aavegotchi, said::

“Dawid (@D13kabani), a father of 2 children and a fan of Aavegotchi, made that mistake every user is afraid to make. Instead of sending most of his cryptocurrency savings to Binance, Dawid accidentally sent them to the GHST stake contract he had previously interacted with.”

Developers noted that in the crypto world, mostly because there is no “undo” key, the user’s LINK tokens are locked forever in the GHST staking contract, which cannot be updated and changed.

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin wrote: “Be My saviour”
The hapless father also sent a message to Vitalik Buterin via Twitter, saying: “Please be my savior. I’ve done hundreds of transactions in the ETH chain so far. I lost my entire life savings as a result of a little carelessness to catch up with my son’s changing lessons due to Kovid,” he said, asking Buterin for help.

Aavegotchi charity fund opens
Aavegotchi, on the other hand, took a decision and created a wallet called “SantaGotchi”, opening a charity fund for this person. People who are interested in cryptocurrency and want to help this user can send funds to the address. A statement from aavegotchi said the funds raised would be sent to Dawid on Christmas Day.

$ 1200 Ethereum (ETH) has accumulated in the wallet so far.

“That’s the problem with ERC20, ” said Nick Mudge, creator of Ethereum’s diamond solution, which is also used by aavegotchi’s smart contract, and developer at Pixelcraf Studios. A path is not created to check whether the sent token accepts ERC20. Some other token standards have identified some ways to do this, but ERC20 does not,” he said.

Comparing ERC-777 and ERC-223 development proposals and stating that the first one does not support ERC20, the other supports Mudge, “I think user interfaces can prevent such errors. Names help, too. ERC-777-style address instead of SantaGotchi.it would be much better for the user if it had a name in the form of eth,” he commented.

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