Uniswap’s total trading volume exceeds $ 50 billion

As the leading decentralized exchange, Uniswap broke new ground in the decentralized exchange (DeX) industry, with trading volume exceeding $ 50 billion.

In its December 15 post, Uniswap founder Hayden Adams announced $ 51.7 billion worth of transactions for 26,000 pairs over the entire life of the platform. That equates to about $ 2 million per couple.

If Uniswap manages to maintain the $ 10 billion it has seen each month in the past three months, the platform’s total trading volume could exceed $ 1 trillion over eight years.

Some members of the crypto community are skeptical of the source of much of Uniswap’s volume. The Platform does not include any KYC (know your customer) or selection process for token listing.

Twitter user “Cyber hokie” argued that the vast majority of the platform’s volume came from dark web markets and actions such as money laundering and volume inflation. Propose.

The Platform has become a frequent target for illegal money. In September, a cyber attacker who stole $ 200 million worth of crypto from Hong Kong-based exchange Kucoin transferred $ 1.2 million of SNX to Uniswap for laundering.

The total value locked in uniswap has risen from $ 36.5 million to $ 1.37 billion today following the release of the second version of the Protocol on May 18, making Uniswap the fifth largest DeFi protocol. Uniswap represents 59.5 percent of weekly DeX volume.

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