twitter may honor first recipient of bitcoin (BTC)

the first recipient of bitcoin (btc) passed away in 2014. but the new twitter policy may soon commemorate him and his legacy.

the twitter account of computer scientist hal finney, one of bitcoin’s earliest developers, could soon be converted into a memorial account after the platform releases new account policies next year, according to thursday’s announcement.

finney passed away in 2014 after battling life-threatening complications of als, a rare disease. twitter users have long been demanding better policies and recognition for accounts belonging to deceased users. in 2019, the social media giant even received backlash after it suggested the automatic deletion of” inactive ” accounts. because this is a move that means that accounts belonging to deceased users will disappear.

but twitter did not go ahead with the changes, saying it would not remove inactive accounts until such concerns were adequately addressed. the new update moves on to that. “we know how important it is to keep a twitter account in a person’s memory,” the firm said, announcing it would unveil a new type of account designed for “memory-based” accounts.

finney’s account can be converted to a memorial account
after this app is released, finney’s account may have been turned into a memento. as part of finney bitcoin’s former developer team, he was one of several people who interacted (via mail) with bitcoin’s charismatic, incomprehensible founder, satoshi nakamoto, and even became the first recipient of bitcoin in january 2009.

finney was also a legendary name on twitter, writing “running bitcoin,” a tweet referring to the running of a bitcoin node. therefore, converting this account to a memorial account will also be morally important for the cryptocurrency community.

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