top 5 altcoin events to take place this week

on this article you can read top 10 cryptocurrency events of 2020

there are significant developments this week for five altcoins from flow(FLOW) to stratis(STRAX).

flow-stake awards distribution
flow, which has important supporters such as andreessen horowitz and digital currency group behind it, will start distributing stake awards from december 23. these days, the project may also be listed on important exchanges. it has yet to enter any stock market.

swipe (sxp) – debit card delivery
swipe, a blockchain-based financial platform offering visa debit cards, announced on december 22 that swipe visa debit cards will begin being delivered to owners in the united states. in addition, swipe visa cards will also be released in canada, and the canadian dollar will be added to the swipe wallet as a fiat currency. canadian users will be able to pre-order the cards next week.

stratis – (strax) – interflux commissioning
on stratis, a blockchain platform and digital currency designed for corporate users focused on the financial sector, the interflux protocol will be released on december 22nd. interflux is a protocol that enables communication between public and private blockchains. the protocol can work with the hyperledger fabric blockchain solution and also offers ethereum support.

interflux will facilitate integration between the startis platform and pre-existing blockchains.

iotex (iotx) – 90 million iotx to be burned
iotex, which aims to create a new generation iot (internet of things) blockchain platform, will be burned on december 22 and 90 million iotx will be permanently destroyed. this amounts to 1 percent of the total supply and about 2 percent of the circulating supply.

ankr (ankr) – onx airdrop
airdrop week was entered at ankr. those who hold ankr tokens on bithumb, coinone and upbit, all of which are korean exchanges, will receive onx tokens at a rate of 1:10,000. so 10,000 ankr will be given 1 onx.

balance records for airdrop will be received in block 11,513,500 of onx, which roughly corresponds to december 24.

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