The New York Times Saw She Light in Bitcoin (BTC)

For a long time, the mainstream media ignored Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, rarely appearing in the news. But with the rise and successful movements of Bitcoin in the last few months, the mainstream media will now have seen the light in the cryptocurrency market, which has started to appear in its news.

Finally, The New York Times reported that “Bitcoin Hits New Record, this time with Less Talk of a Bubble”, announcing that Bitcoin has set a new all-time high record.

Bitcoin is a “crazy cousin of traditional currencies,” the report said. NY Times reported on BTC:

“The crazy cousin of traditional currencies, which fell below $ 4,000 in March, passed $ 19,783. Now more investors are buying BTC in the long run.”

The news also attributed Bitcoin’s rise to a broader exuberance in cryptocurrencies and exchanges that defied the gloom of a recession caused by the pandemic.

“The NY Times has seen the light in Bitcoin,” said Tim Draper, who did not miss this NY Times story.

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