The company that came out of Ethereum and Monero completely switched to Bitcoin

Investment firm Cypherpunk Holdings Inc made an additional acquisition of approximately 73 BTC, according to a press release published on November 26 at Exchange listed on Canadian Stock. The Bitcoins held by the company leaving the Monero and Ethereum positions thus reached 277 BTC. This amount is approximately 4 million 700 thousand dollars at current prices. It was stated that some of the 500 thousand Canadian dollars obtained with the closed offer at the end of August were also used for additional BTC purchases.

Toronto-based Cypherpunk Holdings is a major stakeholder in the Privacy-focused Wasabi Wallet and Samourai Wallet wallets. As it is known, these wallets have recently been on the radar of state bodies because it is not possible to track transactions with them. Last year, Moe Adham, chief investment officer at Cypherpunk Holdings, joined the board of directors of zkSNACKs, the company that developed Wasabi.

Lithuanian Antanas Guoga, known as one of the richest professional poker players in the world, is the CEO of the Company. Guoga’s wealth is estimated at $ 36 million.

Cypherpunk Holdings’ shares are traded on Canadian Stocks under the stock market short name HODL. In the press release, the company did not explain why it left Ethereum and Monero.

How much Bitcoin is in which company?
Many companies have invested in Bitcoin until today. These companies and the amount of Bitcoin they own are listed on the website. Accordingly, 510,000 BTC is held in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust fund, followed by EOS’s developer company with 140,000 BTC. About 70,000 BTC is held in Coinshares, followed by MicroStrategy with 38,250 BTC. Total Bitcoin assets owned by companies are 842,351 BTC.

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