The 5 Most Winning Investors This Week – (Jan 2)

most profitted bitcoin traders

Price of Bitcoin (BTC) saw new highs this week, breaking a record by exceeding $ 41k. Binance Futures cryptocurrency exchange investors such as BTC, which continued its gains, also made high gains. Who were the top-earning investors this week on the Binance Futures leaderboard, which includes familiar names from last week? Let’s look at the 5 most winning investors of the week of January 2 – 9.

Bitcoin (BTC) has increased by more than 40% in the past week, according to CoinGecko data. BTC, which was priced between $ 31,500 – $ 41,900 during the week, reached a market value of $ 761 billion during week. Bitcoin’s trading volume in the last 24 hours has been 68 billion dollars, while its current price is 41 thousand dollars.


Top earners on odds basis (ROI) of the week

  • ApartmentTwelfthGrade: Investor, who took first place in the Binance Futures leaderboard with a ROI of 21.4 thousand, earned $ 290 thousand this week. Trader lost $ 1900 in the day.
  • CloudyWhyToe: Trader, which is second with 18.1% ROI rate, received 29 thousand dollars during the week.
    CountyWhyToast: Investor, which is placed in the third place of the leaderboard, has a value of 16 thousand ROI. Trader earned $ 18k this week, while also getting $ 1700 during the day.
  • WantCageUncle: 14.8% ROI rate placed in the fourth place of the List trader, gained 14 thousand dollars during the week while lost 31 dollars during the day.
  • WishCarryBasket: Investor who found a place in the fifth place on the list earned $ 14k during the week, while achieving a ROI rate of 11.7% on a weekly basis.

Most wins by quantity per week (PnL)

  • BakeMachineWish: Trader, who was at the top of the leaderboard with $ 5.7 million earned last week, also took first place this week, earning $ 19 million. The investor lost 57 thousand dollars during the day.
  • TrainTennisBurn: Trader, who was second with $ 14 million, lost $ 30 thousand in the day.
    Minebuu: the investor, who entered the list from second place with the $ 2.1 million he earned last week, was third on the list with the $ 11 million he received this week. Trader lost $ 144k on a daily PnL basis.
  • TrafficTempleBehind: Fourth-ranked investor made $ 10 million this week, with $ 187k on the day.
  • BrotherMediumThank: Trader, which is fifth in the leaderboard, made $ 9 million on a weekly basis and made a loss of $ 174 thousand during the day.

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