That’s How Tesla Investor Made $ 10 Million

Investor made exactly $ 10 million from tesla shares

Investor Jason DeBolt made exactly $ 10 million from Tesla investments. DeBolt, who managed to get the return on Tesla investments he started in 2013 and became a millionaire, owns 15 thousand TSLA shares.

Engineer Jason DeBolt, who joined the millionaires by making $ 10 million with Tesla investments, decided to buy shares after the Tesla Model S car he bought in 2013. DeBolt, who received 2500 shares for $ 7.5 at that time, currently has 15 thousand TSLA shares. Speaking about his investments in an interview he attended, the engineer said he made such a decision in 2013 when he was so impressed with the Tesla facility he went to buy his car.

DeBolt, who spoke about the difficulties of being a long-term investor at the BBC, said the media’s attacks on Elon Musk and Tesla were a difficult situation. “These attacks were worse for me than the price drop seen in stocks, ” the investor said. But I knew that would change.” said. In addition, the investor, who is also a member of the Tesla Shareholders Club, met with Tesla investors through Facebook groups.

He deposited his retirement account with Tesla, earning $ 4 million
Jason DeBolt shared the savings he had from 2009-2018 in a tweet he shared on December 24. DeBolt, who said that he invested his $ 400 thousand savings in Tesla shares in 2018, said that the current value of this investment, which he made, is $ 4 million.


Sold 2013 model car, bought new model Tesla
The millionaire investor said he sold the Tesla Model S, which he bought in 2013, in 2016. Debolt, who stated that he has not bought a car in any way since then, expressed his preference for transportation such as bicycles, public transport, Uber. On December 11, the investor announced that he had ordered a new Tesla vehicle and that it would be delivered to him at the end of the month. DeBolt said:

“I ordered a new Tesla Model 3 yesterday. I expect it to be in my hands by the end of the month. I can’t wait to have my second Tesla car.

… and I didn’t sell a single TSLA stake.”

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