That’s how Tesla investor became a Millionaire

Investor made exactly $ 10 million from tesla shares

Brandon Smith invests his full $ 10k in tesla (tsla) shares in 2017. Smith, who has invested in a company for the first time, continues to transfer all the money he has thrown aside to tesla and eventually invests a total of 90 thousand dollars in tsla shares. So how much do you think this investor has now? Smith became one of the tesla millionaires, managing to earn exactly “ $ 1 million ” in 3 years. Here’s the investor’s tesla story.

Tesla, which has become popular with the S&P 500, continues to make its investors millionaires. Brandon smith is one of those millionaires. In the investment adventure he started 3 years ago, Smith became a millionaire with a $ 90k TSLA investment and shared his joy on twitter:

“unbelievable! i’m $tsla-naire now! the journey is just beginning, hodl!”


Smith, who was the subject of an article in Bloomberg, said: “i just bought it and kept it, i never sold it.” We learn that he says and spends 2-3 hours a day doing research about tesla and listening to podcasts.

However, Smith has stated that he has no plans to exit the investment and wants to build or buy himself a new home. Investor said it was a “bullish” for Tesla, believes its earnings will rise further. “what matters now is tesla’s fourth-quarter orders. with these orders, tesla can reach a total of 500 thousand deliveries this year.” he said. Finally expressed that he thinks people are not aware of the potential Tesla has.

How much did Tesla earn this year?

According to the latest closing data, Tesla (tsla) shares have risen by 731% this year. While the fact that Tesla will join the S&P 500 on december 21 is also interpreted as a cornerstone for both the company and Elon Musk. Tsla, which is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, closed the day on december 18 at $ 695.


While there are many price estimates for TSLA, two estimates cited by Bloomberg stand out: the first is Jpmorgan’s $ 90 estimate, and the second is Goldman Sachs’s $ 780 estimate. It seems that Tesla has not yet been able to convince some segments, although it has attracted attention with its high performance this year. Expert Holger Zschaepitz also shared that Tesla, which has more than 200 million shares, is worth more than $ 148 billion, and commented on the rise he saw as “crazy.”

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