Suspicious Ethereum (ETH) Move from Binance

Ethereum liquidity problem

Binance removed Ethereum from its homepage.

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has made a very interesting move just at a time when the price of Ethereum (ETH) has broken a record. Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by total market capitalization, has reached its long-targeted point of $ 700 and is trading at $ 730 as of the time of writing this article.

Why Did Binance Remove Ethereum?
Ethereum, on the other hand, has made quite interesting changes in its platforms, both within China and globally, at night. Looking at the cryptocurrency price data on Binance’s home page, it seems that the giant exchange suddenly removed Ethereum’s three leading trading pairs from the home page. Instead, Binance removed Polkadot (DOT), one of Ethereum’s competitors, to its home page.

It was recently revealed that Binance would invest $ 10 million in Polkadot-based projects, and all this is actually on the right track with the news coming in.

Polkadot Investment On The Rise
As of the time of writing this article Binance.com it also shows that Ethereum has been removed. Looking at the home page, Binance Coin, as usual, comes first, while crypto par abirimi Bitcoin, the leader, is second, and Polkadot is third. The removal of the normally third-ranked ETH from here could actually be an important signal.


On 17 December, Binance announced that it had invested in the Polkadot project called MathWallet. Mathwallet’s cryptocurrency, which has raised about $ 12 million in investments, is listed on Uniswap as of the time of writing this article. Binance’s recently announced announcement that it will list leading Polkadot projects by vote may be used for MATH token, perhaps first.

XRP also removed
Binance recently took a similar step for XRP and removed XRP from its homepage in this way. Although the Ripple company behind XRP has been sued by the SEC, this is not the case for ETH at the moment. Another US financial regulator, the CFTC, had declared that ETH was not Securities, and this announcement actually eliminates the risk in question.

All that remains is one possibility, that Binance will speed up Polkadot’s work.

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