Stellar Lumen: Adoption is rapidly increasing as more than 800 companies use XLM blockchain

Based on Stellar Lumens, Token XIM records an all-time high in the number of institutional assets holding it. More than 250 companies from various industries clearly admit that they are using the XLM token.

Throughout 2020 Stellar Lumens has achieved some of the most important partnerships in its History. From being one of three blockchains to host the Stabilcoin USDC, published by CENTER, to being part of the expansion of cross-border payments in Africa, Stellar Lumens adoption is rapidly increasing. One of the most successful tokens issued on Stellar Lumens is XIM.

Launched in March 2018 by XIMcoin part of SecureLC Limited, XIM is an entity created for Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers and global sales agents. Among other features, it is designed for instant international business-to-business transactions, enabling fast exchanges with Fiat and other cryptocurrencies, and for the investor accepting XIM to shop online. According to the Technical Report:

XIM was created as a tool to tackle a number of Operational problems frequently encountered in the telegraph transfer system widely used by Banks. As a highly affordable alternative, XIM is a trading platform that provides faster, more secure and cheaper cross-border transactions.

As the chart below shows, adoption of XIM is on the rise and the investors holding it have surpassed all-time highs. Since 2019, XIM has seen steady growth in these conditions, reaching over 800 businesses currently using XIM to handle their transactions.

Stellar Lumens XLM

Companies adopting XIM based on Stellar Lumens

Among corporate entities that trade with XIM to regulate their international payments is Pax Health Safety. A manufacturer, Importer and Exporter that creates medical equipment to protect specialized personnel. They have worked for the United Nations and governments around the world.

Another asset that has adopted XIM is Atharva International Trade. A company that exports food such as fruits, vegetables and other products to customers in the United States, India, Dubai and parts of Europe. According to the company website;


Bhanu Exports is another food exporter that has adopted XIM. However, This company claims to have “direct contact” with producers, Farmers and others in the food supply chain. The company pays special attention to supporting Small businesses.

In addition to the corporate assets mentioned, there is a list of more than 250 companies that are adopting XIM publicly. These include the energy, entertainment, telecommunications and construction industries, among others.

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