Snowden: Dollar Depreciates 99% Against Bitcoin

coinputin.com – Edward Snowden, a privacy movement pioneer, pointed to Bitcoin’s victory against the US dollar in a tweet. Snowden noted that the dollar lost 99.93% against Bitcoin.

“Today, I learned that since 2013, the dollar has depreciated 99.93% against Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin hit an all-time high in 2020, potentially this close to rising above $ 20,000 for the first time. The US dollar has depreciated 99% against BTC since Bitcoin was created.

This is a difficult scenario to imagine but, as Edward Snowden points out, it is supported by real data. Edward Snowden is considered a pioneer of the privacy movement and had gained considerable notoriety by leaking classified NSA documents that drew attention to the mass surveillance that took place alongside everyone else.

Early keepers and beliefs of digital privacy, such as Snowden, paved the way for the creation of Bitcoin to take control of the dollar and the US. Snowden’s path since 2013 has seen the US dollar fall as much as 99.93% against Bitcoin.

The US Dollar has fallen 99.93% against Bitcoin since 2013
There is no mention of shitcoins that were born from an ICO and fell 99.93% against BTC after the crypto bubble burst. What is at stake is the US dollar, the global reserve currency.

Because the dollar is globally dominant, it is the currency in which the exchange value of all other assets is determined. It is also the most common trading pair against cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks and more. In fact, it is the current measure of all money.

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If you reverse the BTCUSD chart, you have a usdbtc chart that shows how much the dollar has fallen against the leading cryptocurrency since 2013. As Snowden noted, it was a complete decline of 99.93% in less than a decade.

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