Ripple Hires Workmates For XRP Portfolio

Ripple is looking for a chief economist to help formulate a strategy for the company’s huge XRPs.

Ripple says it currently has 54,642,632,616 XRP, more than half the total supply of the third largest cryptocurrency. In December 2017, the company pledged not to sell all tokens at once and locked 55 billion XRP into cryptographically secured escrow accounts.

The company is now looking for someone with a PhD in economics who is a “proven thought leader” in applying innovative approaches to economic thinking. Ripple uses the following statements in its job posting:

In this role, you will examine the market dynamics of the cryptocurrency, especially in the XRP markets. You will use your solid knowledge of monetary policy and macroeconomic principles to develop strategies for managing Ripple’s XRP assets.

In recent months, Ripple has stopped its practice of selling XRP on crypto exchanges programmatically. Instead, Ripple says it simultaneously buys and sells tens of millions of dollars’ worth of XRP to feed its cross-border payment product On-Demand Liquidity (ODL).

The company currently has a total of 31 open positions. Ripple is also seeking a developer relations director around the XRP Ledger to “develop and lead initiatives to include, support, enable and grow the global XRP developer community”. Additionally, the company is looking for a chief of staff for RippleX, the recently rebranded XRP investment and development arm.

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