Ripple Ex-founder Doesn’t Stop, New XRP Sales Are At The Door

coinputin.com – Whale Alert Monitoring bot reported that Ripple blockchain decacorn sent a large amount of XRP to Jed McCaleb, its former CTO, in a single transaction (266,305,310 XRP), and McCaleb began selling it.

Jed McCaleb gets another 266 million XRP, Sells 29.5 million
Jed McCaleb, co-founder and former CTO of Ripple, received 266,305,310 XRP from Ripple, according to data shared by the popular Whale Alert Monitoring Service. This corresponds to $ 148,031,671.

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Later, Jed McCaleb sent almost 10% of that amount (29.5 million XRP) from his “tacostand” wallet to sell through a crypto exchange, according to data provided by XRPL Monitor.

In addition, XRPL Monitor showed that in the past 24 hours, Ripple crypto giant and its payment corridor Bitstamp exchange in Luxembourg have made 3 transfers in the amounts of 150 million, 100 million and 32 million XRP. Bitstamp sent 100 million XRP to the BitGo platform, which works as a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet for financial institutions.

McCalleb received 379.6 million XRP in last 9 days
On December 6 and 7, the former Ripple CTO cashed in a similar amount of XRP, making those operations almost a habit as of this week. On December 1, McCaleb received 113,352,755 XRP ($70,807,268) from Ripple, bringing the total amount of XRP sent to him over the past nine days to 379.6 million.

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Ripple Sets Up Payment Corridor
As a member of RippleNet, Ripple and nium partnered with payment firm 2C2P to build a payment corridor from Thailand to Singapore.

2C2P has partnered with easy2send, the remittance service operating in Thailand, to expand its operations. The source says 2C2P’s new payment corridor will work on RippleNet. Operating since 2019, Easy2send provides remittances and payments support to Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

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