Ripple CEO Garlinghouse: XRP is Losing Customers – Ripple chief executive Brad Garlinghouse issued a statement that angered XRP investors. The popular name stated that XRP had caused Ripple to lose customers. He cited regulations as the reason for this.

The bond between Ripple and XRP continues to trouble Ripple. As we have mentioned many times in our news before, there is a risk that XRP will be declared securities. This creates uncertainty for both XRP and Ripple, the company behind the cryptocurrency. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said this had caused the company to lose a significant amount of customers. “We’re losing customers because of XRP,” Garlinghouse said in an interview.

Customers Want To Wait
CNN host Julia Chatterley asked Garlinghouse if XRP had negatively affected Ripple. Garlinghouse explained that many investors had decided to wait because of the uncertainty created by XRP. Garlignhouse said:

“When talking to customers, we often get the following response: we will wait until the issue becomes clear with XRP and regulations.”

Garlinghouse has previously announced that an important company does not want to use ODL product just because of XRP.

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