PlanB: Bitcoin could surpass gold in 2024, Real Estate in 2028

BTC can surpass gold by 2024 and the real estate market by 2028

Analyst PlanB, famous for its stock flow model for Bitcoin, has made bold predictions for the location where BTC could arrive by 2018. According to the model, BTC can surpass gold by 2024 and the real estate market by 2028.

Famous analyst PlanB, who adapted the stock-to-flow/s2f model for Bitcoin, made striking claims for BTC with a tweet he shared. Arguing that bitcoin is progressing in accordance with the model like a clock, PlanB shared what awaits BTC in the medium and long term.

According to the model, BTC can pass gold and real estate without 10 years
PlanB thinks Bitcoin could overtake gold by 2021-2024 under the s2f model if history repeats itself. PlanB takes its 2024-2028 forecasts a little further and believes Bitcoin will outperform the real estate sector between these years. ” We don’t need to make any more predictions with the real estate overshoot, ” the analyst says, adding that after that Bitcoin’s target is uncharted waters.


Can money printing policies affect the model?
PlanB, which has about 185 thousand followers on Twitter, said in a statement that money printing policies are an integral part of the stock flow model. Central banks have been printing money frantically since 2009, PlanB said, adding that Bitcoin was a solution to money-printing activities with its limited supply. For this reason, money printing policies are important for the s2f model, and all assets with limited supply are on the rise with money printing, the analyst said.

The analyst also responded to a follower’s comment that “Real Estate has the power to provide lifetime cash flow, while Bitcoin has no such power.” PlanB suggested that this was not true, saying that lending could provide cash flow from BTC through cash-and-carry and futures markets.

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