Official Ethereum Support From The World’s Most Popular CMS System!

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WordPress, an open source content management system, has adopted a new plugin on its platform that allows content producers to earn Ethereum.

What To Do With EthereumADS?

This WordPress plugin, called ‘EthereumAds’, plans to compete with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is currently one of the world’s leading advertising services.


EthereumAds outlined the way it uses the plugin and the integration process. The advertising space will be automatically sold through auction to the highest bidder for a 14-day period. According to the developer of the new WordPress plugin, all content makers will be able to receive their advertising earnings directly into their Ethereum wallets. The official statement includes::

“EthereumAds is open-source software that allows you to earn Ethereum with banner ads. You can make money with your content in less than 1 minute by adding our widget to your WordPress site. Once you’ve placed our widget, your ad space is automatically auctioned off to the highest bidder every two weeks using our smart contract. Let our open offer market automatically and continuously find the perfect ads for you. Your winnings go directly to your Ethereum wallet.”

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