Number of wallets with 10,000 and more Ethereum sets a new record

umber of wallet addresses with ETH in them reached 52 million

Data from Blockchain analytics company Glassnode points to some significant developments in Ethereum. According to Glassnode, as of January 7, 2021, there has been a large increase in number of addresses with 10 thousand and more ETH.

Number of wallet addresses containing 10 Thousand And More Ethereum rose to 1,097. Reaching the highest level in the last year. According to another data shared by Glassnode, there has also been a large increase in the number of wallets whose balance is not zero. Number of wallet addresses with ETH in them reached 52 million, breaking the record for the highest level of all time.

This data shared by glassnode is one of the clearest indicators of the increase in the number of users investing in Ethereum. After bitcoin broke the $ 40k price level, eyes turned to the second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum. Leading industry figures shared their predictions that Bitcoin could also experience a huge rise in Ethereum.

Rise in bitcoin has also increased the appetite of institutional investors for the cryptocurrency market, in particular. For this reason, it is estimated that many institutional investors and mutual funds will invest in Ethereum by 2021.

Second most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum, was trading at $ 1,225 at the time of our news. Ethereum has recorded an impressive rise of about 482% in the last year.

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