Novogratz Explains Why Teenagers Buy Bitcoin

novogratz statement about young btc investing

Galaxy Digital CEO and Bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz made some comments on why young people buy Bitcoin in a program he attended. According to her, this is because cryptocurrency is only way to avoid debt and financial problems created by the central bank and governments.

Mike Novogratz made the comments on CNBC’s Squawk Box program about the growing adoption of BTC before commenting on young people buying Bitcoin. According to Novogratz, Generations Y and Z, together with institutional investors, have made a big contribution to the adoption of BTC. According to Novogratz, the contribution of young people to this is quite large.

Bitcoin seen as a solution to financial problems

Bitcoin bull has recently spoken of how it has become increasingly difficult to deal with financial problems such as high debts created by central banks and governments. According to Novogratz, Generations Y and Z are also aware of this situation and young people are turning to Bitcoin. The CEO said he believed Bitcoin, increasingly favored in solving growing debt, would cease to be a risky asset.

In a short term, BTC will continue to be considered risky, adding that in the long term, price will cease to be risky as adoption rates increase and more people join the cryptocurrency world.

Aadoption of bitcoin by many at an increasing rate should not be abandoned. I’m still surprised that institutional investors want to line up and add Bitcoin to their portfolios.”

Mike Novogratz

Comments came from users
In the comments below the video shared on Twitter, There are those who joined Novogratz, as well as those who call cryptocurrencies scams. One user said, ” it’s not just teenagers, I’m 56, but I’m getting Bitcoin.”

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