Nexus Mutual CEO’s Personal Wallet Hacked

According to recent reports, $ 8 million was stolen from the personal wallet of Hugh Karp, CEO of decentralized finance protocol Nexus Mutual.

Hackers stole 370,000 nxm tokens worth $ 8.2 million from CEO Hugh Karp’s personal wallet, according to a statement by Nexus Mutual.

At this time the identity of the attacker has not been fully established and investigations are still ongoing. The Nexus Mutual community manager said in a statement that they are working on the assumption that the attacker may have committed identity fraud.

Although the protocol itself was unaffected, the nxm token has fallen by 17% since the attack took place. However, stolen nxm tokens account for about 6% of all tokens in circulation, which can put significant downward pressure on the price.

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