Microstrategy CEO Announces Bitcoin’s Peak Price

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Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor explained the peak price for Bitcoin in an interview he attended. According to Saylor, if Bitcoin dethroned its safe-haven assets, it could rise to $ 700 trillion in market capitalization and $ 15 million in price.

Bitcoin investor MMCrypto conducted an interview with Michael Saylor on YouTube. MMCrypto has asked Saylor a variety of questions in areas ranging from the price of Bitcoin to Elon Musk. The most intriguing part of the interview was the episode in which Saylor estimated the price of Bitcoin. CEO of Microstrategy calculated the market values of financial assets, which are primarily seen as safe havens, while reaching his $ 15 million price estimate for BTC.

Bitcoin price could rise to $ 15m

Saylor said he was more invested in cash, stock market indices, real estate, and debt instruments such as bonds and bonds as safe havens than gold. According to Saylor, total market value of these assets stands at $ 300-400 trillion, and if Bitcoin eliminates these assets from safe harbor status, BTC’s market value could rise to $ 700 trillion within 10 years.

MMCrypto also intervened here, saying, “then the price of Bitcoin will also be $ 15 million.”he made Saylor’s price forecast clear. However, Michael Saylor added that depending on the change in purchasing power, this price may change in part down or up.

Saylor likens Ethereum to unicorn startups

MMCrypto asked Saylor if he had Ethereum. Michael Saylor briefly outlined his ideas about Ethereum before answering this question. He added bitcoin is an enterprise-level Safe Harbor Asset, used the phrase unicorn for Ethereum.

It’s riskier than Bitcoin, but it’s promising, ETH is an exciting and developing asset like Uber, Airbnb.

In addition, he explained that Ethereum cannot be a store of value, nor has he made any investments because it has not yet fully developed. Finally, Saylor said there should be no competitive comparisons between Bitcoin and Ethereum because both assets have different characteristics.

“I expect more CEOs to get BTC”

Responding to questions about Elon Musk, Michael Saylor said;

I would say to any company what I said to Musk. I think he responded to me on Twitter because he was interested in Bitcoin.

He also said it made more sense for companies to opt for Bitcoin rather than a balance sheet of dollars, he expected more CEOs to make BTC investment moves in coming years.

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