MicroStrategy Buys Another $ 50 Million In Bitcoin (BTC)

coinputin.com – World-famous company MicroStrategy, which has previously attracted attention with its $ 425 million Bitcoin (BTC) investment, has bought Bitcoin again. Business intelligence company MicroStrategy announced it had bought $ 50 million worth of Bitcoin in a notice to the SEC. Michael Saylor, the company’s chief executive, announced on Twitter that they had received another 2,574 Bitcoins at a price of $ 19,427.

Saylor, the following expressions used:

“MicroStrategy purchased approximately 2,574 Bitcoins for $ 50.0 million in cash, with an average price of $ 19,427 per Bitcoin, in accordance with Treasury Reserve policy. We currently hold about 40,824 Bitcoins.”

It had previously received $ 425 million in BTC
Last August, the company made its first $ 250 million purchase of Bitcoin, and exactly 1 month later it received another $ 175 million in BTC. The amount of BTC the company currently holds is 40,824. As we reported earlier, Coinbase becomes a tool for these purchases of the company.

The leading cryptocurrency behind MicroStrategy’s acquisition of Bitcoin is seen as a way to avoid inflation. The company said it was not prudent to hold large amounts of dollars because it thought the US dollar was weakening by the day.

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