Microsoft To Launch Blockchain-Based Platform For Xbox

Microsoft and Ernst & Young will develop a blockchain-based platform to deliver an enhanced experience for Xbox gaming partners and content producers.

Ernst & Young LLP (EY) and Microsoft plan to introduce a system of financial records ranging from contract productions to agreements and compromises, and launch a blockchain-based platform for gaming rights and copyright management.

It Will Offer More Functionality
Blokzincir extended functions, partners and Microsoft’s Xbox video game musicians, artists, writers, and content producers including the “copyright convention Monitoring, Management and more visibility regarding the payment process” will allow you to gain.

Global professional services network EY plans to use the solution to help B2B customers automate contract-related calculations and transactions. According to the statement, the system reduces processing time by 99% by using electronic contracts between game development partners.

The blockchain app successfully passed the first Test and bought two million a day.

Microsoft said the solution has advanced qualities such as speed, efficiency, controls and compliance standards and transparency. These new attributes will be integrated into Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem and enhance partners ‘ royalty-fee experience.

Blockchain For Corporate Interactions
Luke Fewel, Microsoft’s General Manager of global financial operations, said the solution would help streamline financial processes. It also added that it would scale and reduce manual overhead, thereby improving the company’s overall experience for gaming partners.

Paul Brody, EY’s Global Blockchain Leader, believes blockchains can become “the glue that digitises interactions between businesses.” He noted that the solution represents another important step along this path and will help raise the bar for corporate integration.

Both companies look forward to scaling up this solution in the Microsoft copyright ecosystem to improve and sustain modern financial system journeys.

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