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Meet Drizzle on #BinanceSmartChain’s latest NFT Market

Since the inception of Crypto Kitties and even beyond, Crypto enthusiasts have heard about Non fungible Tokens and their use case benefits to both lovers of art and Art creators. This world dominates in the Ethereum Blockchain, but today we’ve seen other blockchains venture into this space.

Today we’d talk about a New Kid on the block, a visual artist creator who seeks to make history on a Blockchain that has just got in on the NFT world.

Here is CryptoKarla, trying to make history on the Binance Smart Chain with her NFT Drizzle.
Crypto Karla is a music artiste and also a visual art creator, she has created art collections on ethereum blockchain and also created music, has 2 Studio projects and over 3 music videos since 2018.
She’s currently trying to create history on Binance Smart Chain with Drizzle, whom she wrote a song and created a video about, you can check it out on her twitter account here;

Meet Drizzle on #BinanceSmartChain ‘s latest NFT Market

Here’s more on Crypto Karla in an interview we had with her recently;

I’m CryptoKarla, popularly known in the HipHop Space as KarlaGod, I’m a music artiste, a poet and also a visual artiste, I create motion pictures for my works.

I’ve been doing this (music) for 4 years and I got into crypto 3 years ago.

I have an album, 1 Mixtape and 4 music videos to my catalogue, I’ve held a music street concert and also created organized meet ups and classes in the crypto space.

I usually don’t post my poetry and NFT art on my Music platform space, they’re mostly on twitter.

At the moment I’m trying to make history on Binance Smart Chain to sell an NFT for 1,000 BNB, that hasn’t been done before, but that’s an aside.

I’ve got really big goals for my NFT artist career in 2021, I know that I will be able to contribute to the NFT world with my pieces.
My short term Goals are to

1. Contribute meaningful pieces to the NFTart world
2. Earn $5,000 from my art creation and sales
3. Make history on #binancesmartchain with Drizzle (Refer to pinned post on my twitter page to better understand)

My short term goals are to;
1. Create a NFT platform and MarketPlace on a Blockchain that I will not mention to you just yet.
2. Create a community of all kinds of Artists in my country, visual and performing and help them earn through tokenizing and selling their art on my platform.

At the moment I’m working on my next art motion series titled, “Yellow time” stay tuned, you’d see em soon.

There you’ve heard it, to help Drizzle make history with CryptoKarla, check out the NFT from this here.

CryptoKarla just minted her 1st art piece in the Yellow Time Series, Time Ramble, you can get it here. 

You can also check out her other collection from here.

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