Last Week’s Top Cryptocurrency News: November 23-29, 2020 – Last week, the cryptocurrency world was the scene of a number of downsides for Bitcoin and altcoins. The rally started by Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) and XRP hit an obstacle, resulting in a decline. As cryptocurrencies finally made the expected move, XRP also launched a surprise rally. Now let’s look at the cryptocurrency events of the past week.

Number of Bitcoin addresses holding at least 1 BTC in decline

After the pressure of selling bitcoin, the whales began removing the BTC in their hands. That’s why the number of people holding at least 1 Bitcoin (BTC) in their wallet dropped by 1,000 over the weekend. The reason why whales move in this way is the decline in BTC. Details of the news.

Chinese Police Seize Large Amounts Of Cryptocurrency
Chinese police have seized $ 4.2 billion worth of cryptocurrencies in connection with PlusToken. It was later claimed that these cryptocurrencies were for sale long before the news.

Amount Required For Ethereum 2.0 Collected
The 524,288 ETH required for the Ethereum 2.0 network was collected long before the set time.

Cryptocurrencies Decline
Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP crashed last week after a major rise.

OKEx Launches Filming
OKEx recently began allowing filming after a long break. As the shooting began, there was a large amount of Bitcoin out of the stock market.

Ethereum Network To Be Used In Emergency Services
The Polish city of Olsztyn will benefit from the Ethereum network for use in emergency services. The city, which will realize a first in the world, will also embody the use of blockchain.

XRP owners trapped by scammers
A team dealing with XRP data reported an XRP scam targeting owners of hardware wallets and carried out via email. It was stated that 20 people were injured in 2 days from the attacks.

Record number of wallets with 10,000 ETHS in them
Glassnode reported an increase in the number of wallets holding 10,000 and more ETH. In addition, according to Glassnode, the amount of wallets with ETH in them also exceeded 50 million.

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