Last Minutes! Yearning: Bitcoin Breaks All-Time Record – One of the moments that the cryptocurrency world has been looking forward to for the last 3 years has occurred. Bitcoin (BTC) has passed another significant milestone.

Bitcoin Breaks All-Time Record
As a result of the rise in bitcoin, which began in October when institutional investors entered the field, traders were expressing their opinion on where the next levels would be.

Bitcoin’s bullish adventure, which started at $ 9,800, thrilled investors, and this excitement reached its peak as the price approached the level of 20 thousand dollars.

At this point, Bitcoin managed to surpass the previous all-time high ($19,660 in Bitstamp) in December 2017.

Bitcoin was trading at $ 19,532.13 at the time of writing.

What’s The New Direction In Bitcoin?
Now the question on their minds is: where is the new direction in Bitcoin? Admittedly, every ascension after that means a new ATH.

PlanB recently stated that Bitcoin is worth more than 125 thousand dollars and even up to 200 thousand dollars.

Let’s see when PlanB’s prediction for Bitcoin comes true.

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