It’s not just institutional investors anymore, cities can get Bitcoin (BTC) too


Corporate “interest”, which increases the price of Bitcoin (BTC) to over $ 28,000, can gradually be replaced by other elements. News of the development, which could be the first in the industry after giant companies such as MicroStrategy or MassMutual announced their BTC purchases, came from Miami. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez made a much clearer statement today after his recent Bitcoin signal.

Miami can buy Bitcoin
Anthony “Pompp” Pompliano, a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency industry, made an interesting request by following the popular stream on Twitter. Pompp asked Suarez’s followers, who asked him to transfer 1% of the city’s Treasury reserves to Bitcoin, to RT his latest post.

President Suarez responded shortly, hinting that they would consider the idea. Similar remarks came from other names recognised after Suarez’s post that “we are certainly open to assessing that.” Charlie Shrem, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, called for making the entire state, not just the city of Miami, Bitcoin-friendly.

A stream of Bitcoins stretching from Miami to the state of Florida
Shrem tagged the CFO of the state of Florida in the post, requesting to organize a cryptocurrency event sponsored by Florida and Miami.

Patronis, a member of the Florida House of Representatives and chief financial officer with Finance, responded with a relatively positive response. He said he liked the idea of President Suarez being optimistic and willing to expand the scope of the global financial sector within Florida, perhaps opening the door to innovation.

Institutional investors and the richest names in the world receive large amounts of BTC, even looking at the developments in the last 7 days. But the fact that public agencies and even cities and states buy BTC can further restrict the limited liquidity. BTC, whose block reward is halved with each block half and has limited supply, has the potential to rise to levels not seen before in such a situation.

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