It was valued at 130 percent in one week: What is JUSTLIQUIDITY (JUL)?

Justliquidity (JUL), which started its network life in September 2020, has made its investors laugh with its recent rise

Justliquidity (JUL), which rose more than 120 percent in one week, has excited altcoin investors. As well as the rise of the julswap ecosystem, it has also given AirDrop gospel to its users. What is justliquidity and JUL coin, what is AirDrop conditional and what are the details; you can find all these questions in our article.

Justliquidity (JUL), which started its network life in September 2020, has made its investors laugh with its recent rise. The price of the Jul coin, which gained significant momentum in September, rose to $ 88. After falling into the grip of the fall, JUL looked stable for a while. JUL has again been under the lens of altcoin investors, reflecting the steep rise it has shown in the last 24 hours on the charts.


According to CoinGecko, justliquidity increased more than 120% in one week and managed to raise its price above $ 60. The market value of JUL approached up to 7 million dollars, while the daily trading volume exceeded 600 thousand dollars. JUL coin is listed on uniswap, Hotbit, Bilaxy and JulSwap platforms.


JustLiquidity is a liquidity protocol that works integrated with the uniswap exchange and rewards liquidity providers with ETH, JUL and JulD tokens. JustLiquidity, which suggests its sole purpose, explains this as providing liquidity to token holders, rewarding liquidity providers, and gradually increasing the JUL token price.

JUL token has a flexible supply structure that decreases when liquidity is reduced from the protocol that increases when more liquidity is added. According to justliquidity, it promises a stable and predictable return on investment for its users and JUL token holders. The project has also received Binance Smart Chain support, and since then it has also been offering its users Binance Coin (BnB) and Binance USD (BUSD) liquidity pools.

AirDrop gospel of JUL and JULb
Decentralized exchange (Dex) JulSwap announced that it will organize an airdrop to attract more users to the platform as well as increase the demand for JUL tokens. DEX announced it would distribute the JulD token to investors who keep JUL and JULb in their wallets. The Platform also said it had a supply of 800 million juld tokens. Terms and details were announced as follows:

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