Is Ethereum next for corporate companies? “Below its value”

umber of wallet addresses with ETH in them reached 52 million

Recently, many companies, especially MicroStrategy and Square, have invested heavily in Bitcoin, bringing spring to the cryptocurrency market. BTC reached 28 thousand dollars, while Ethereum reached its highest price since the beginning of 2018. At a time when everyone is expecting a new altcoin season, an important claim has come from Ki Young Ju, CEO of the chain-top data firm Cryptoquant.

Referring to cryptocurrency investments made by corporate companies on his Twitter account, Ju noted that firms may want to add Ethereum to their portfolios after Bitcoin:

“In the context of corporate investment, Ethereum is below its value. Corporate companies may consider including Bitcoin and Ethereum in their portfolios.

ETH under graysdale’s management / BTC under Graysdale’s management = 1 / 7.76

ETH market capitalization / BTC market capitalization = 1 / 6.07

There’s a 27 percent gap here. They’ll get more ETH.

It may seem like an absurd calculation, but … if Grayscale customers want to recalibrate their portfolios based on market values, the ETH price can reach $ 903 (the current price is $ 714)

I’ll buy and hold some Ethereum until they accept ETH into their portfolio”

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