Investor Who Lost $ 100k Bitcoin: It’s All My Fault

Bitcoin investor lost nearly $ 100k

Bitcoin investor lost nearly $ 100k when he transferred BTC in his wallet to his new computer. Investor wanted to share his story as a warning to public. Also said he was the only culprit in loss of 2.6 BTC.

A Bitcoin investor wanted to transfer his BTC wallet to his new computer, which was worth more than $ 100k. Sharing his story on Reddit, he wanted to transfer his” Onnar ” Bitcoins to the computer he bought just before Christmas. Wanting to use his old computer only for work. Onnar wiped the hard drive of his old computer without checking a password manager, where he created a password for the file he kept.

Don’t trust anything 100% if it’s about Bitcoin

A Bitcoin investor secured his files with passwords that he created with a password manager to store 2.6 Bitcoins that he bought 1.5 years ago. Investor was confident that passwords were in password manager. In his own words, “100% trusted.” Onnar realized he shouldn’t have been so sure when he checked passwords after deleting everything. Investor who turned on the USBs and applied to the password manager to transfer their BTC found that the access passwords for private key were not there.

Onnar spent the next half hour refreshing the page and checking it again, but couldn’t access his passwords. In the week and a half after the incident, he went through all his files and notes; password was nowhere to be found. Although onnar acknowledged that it might be more convenient to use a cryptocurrency wallet like Ledger, he believed that his own BTC storage management was also perfectly safe and convenient.

Why did this happen?

According to onnar, reason for this problem was that he forgot to save password created with password manager. After asking the program to create a strong password, he copied the password and used it to encrypt his files. But the password manager did not automatically save the password. Onnar said he may have clicked the “Save” button when he hurriedly closed the window, which he had left open for a long time. And so access to 2.6 BTC was no longer possible. Onnar’s loss was roughly 100 thousand dollars.

“100% my fault, I should have checked the password for the files before deleting the disk”

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