Investor who gets Bitcoin from $ 10: we could see $ 100k in 2021

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Dan Held, who bought Bitcoin for $ 10, made a significant estimate of the BTC price in 2021. Held, who is also one of the managers of the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, claimed that the price of Bitcoin could be at least 100 thousand dollars in 2021.

The Bitcoin forecast by Dan held, the head of business development at the Kraken exchange, has blown his lips. Arguing that economic conditions around the world have deteriorated at a record level with the pandemic effect, Held said that BTC could be a solution to this. Referring to the fact that the economy has not sunk as much as it does today, even during war periods throughout history, the Kraken manager said that with people understanding the value of Bitcoin, the price can be positioned in the range of 100 thousand – 1 million dollars in 2021.

The economy has never been worse
Kraken exchange manager Dan Held, who made his first Bitcoin Investment at $ 10 apiece, told Altcoin Daily that the global economy is creating a great opportunity for the rise of BTC.

“The economy at the macro level, along with COVID, is pretty bad right now. Tons of businesses were shut down. Governments have engaged in big money printing operations, and there is a serious lack of trust in governments.”

Held suggested that Bitcoin would be adopted further in such an environment, both as a store of value and as a financial asset to the investor itself. Dan Held said the structure built around Bitcoin, institutional investor momentum and support from companies such as PayPal could further ignite the BTC rally in the coming months.

“Throughout human history, we have never been in such a bad situation in terms of the economic framework at the macro level. Even during the world wars, we were better than we are now”

All set for BTC rise
Dan Held stressed that in an environment like he mentioned, Bitcoin is starting to become a global store of value and even gold 2.0. Explaining that many options for Bitcoin exist today that were not in 2017, Held talked about the acceptance of institutions, the growing service and significant trading infrastructure with the developing cryptocurrency exchanges, and the futures market for BTC.

“Everything is built and ready to use for enormous amounts of money to come to the industry.”

Dan Held of Kraken believes that looking at previous BTC cycles, the price of Bitcoin could be $ 1 million in 2021 if the minimum is 100 thousand maximum. Held also said that even the $ 1 million target is not far away as the world begins to understand the value of BTC.

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