Industry-Confusing Statement From Coinbase: Is This The Reason For The Decline Of Bitcoin?

Alider cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which stirred the industry from Coinbase, fell sharply in the first hours of November 26th. BTC, which has been on the rise for a while; In the minutes when this article was written, it lost nearly 10 percent, losing the level of 18 thousand dollars and dropping to 17 thousand 680 dollars.

The reasons for the decline are things that we were not really used to seeing before in the cryptocurrency industry. Primarily referred to as America’s largest exchange, Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, claimed that the soon-to-leave US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin would go to a radical regulation on wallets controlled by investors, and the consequences would be very bad. Explanation: Is This The Reason For The Decline Of Bitcoin?

After Armstrong’s claim, while Bitcoin dropped to $ 18,200, another unbelievable incident took place right after this incident. Coinbase shared a post on its official account and claimed that the New York Times, one of the most respected newspapers in the USA, would deliberately publish negative news about them. Following this development, the Bitcoin price fell below $ 18,000.

The New York Times Will Deliberately Make Negative Reports For Coinbase
The post shared by Coinbase from its official Medium account has caused a stir in the industry. The stock market claimed that the New York Times would deliberately publish negative news about them and that this news would be published on Sunday.

We make this statement in the name of transparency. The New York Times will report negative news about Coinbase in the next few days. The news will say that black employees who left the company were exposed to racism and had bad experiences. The statements made include the following;

Frankly, we don’t care what the New York Times thinks. However, we still wanted to inform you. Basically news; will focus on racism. The person working on the news is Nathaniel Popper. He has been trying to reach our current or former employees for the last few weeks.

With such a statement that we have hardly seen in the industry before, Coinbase has almost declared war on the New York Times. It is known that the mainstream media has made exaggerated criticisms from time to time about the crypto money sector, but this news and the leakage of it by Coinbase itself will undoubtedly take the matter to a whole new level.

Developments in this regard will undoubtedly mark the next few weeks. Let’s see how Bitcoin will be affected by this situation.

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