In 2013, He estimated that Bitcoin would be 40 thousand dollars

winklevoss twins guessed btc price at 2013

Cameron, one of the Winklevoss twins known to the world for his cryptocurrency investments, said in 2013 that Bitcoin would reach 40 thousand dollars.

Winklewoss twins are founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini. Also they known for their early investment in Bitcoin and as one of the best-known defenders of cryptocurrency in the United States.

Winklevoss twins said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had built the famous social media platform by stealing their own ideas, also managed to get a hefty compensation from Zuckerberg.

On January 7, when bitcoin rose to 40 thousand dollars, one by one, Cameron of the Twins tweeted an interesting tweet. Cameron Winklevoss shared his comment that Bitcoin was $ 900 with a” comment I made in 2013 ” note, appeared to have taken a point shot:

“Little bull scenario for Bitcoin… is 40 grand … but I think it will go much further in the long run. It’s probably going to be a lot faster than anyone expected.”

Winklevoss also put his comment under his tweet, site’s link dated December 16, 2013.

At that time, Bitcoin fell from $ 1200 to $ 600 and then went back to $ 1000, News said, and mentioned the danger posed by high volatility. Cameron Winklevoss says volatility doesn’t scare him in the long run, or even look at the price most of the time.

The Winklevoss twins had bought Bitcoin early on with some of the money they had made from the Facebook case. Currently, the Winklevoss have at least 120 thousand BTC. That makes $ 4 billion 800 million at current prices.

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