Here’s BTC Transactions for 2010

Here's BTC Transactions for 2010

Price of Bitcoin (BTC) rose to $ 25,700 as of press time, setting new record highs. At the same time, it seems that thousands of BTC were taken from levels that could be expressed as funny, not much, but only 10 years ago. Like Sell Orders for $ 3 to $ 1,000, $ 6 to $ 2,000 Bitcoin (BTC) on 2010. So, how else do transactions appear in the records that were seen in one of the first bitcoin order books?

ACJR co-founder Pete Rizzo has unearthed a rather interesting bitcoin orderbook from the dusty shelves of history. Looking at the transactions performed using PayPal, it seems that 1 BTC is sold for $ 0.0030.

1,000 BTC sold for $ 3
In the transaction dated April 25, 2010, 1,000 BTC sales were made by paying only $ 3, in addition, only 4 days after the said date, this transaction was repeated twice, but the transaction was canceled.

It can be said that the price of Bitcoin has experienced a big change in the period of 3 months, at least according to this order book. August 2010 April 25 of the unit price of $ 0.0030 BTC was traded at the unit price of $ 0.0750 in August 2010 is seen to have increased up to the unit price. This corresponds to an increase of approximately 25 times.

It can be seen that the payment of the above transactions is made through PayPal. But if BTC transfers Bitcoinmarket.com it is alleged that it was done through it.

Sold in April 2010 at $ 0.0030, the BTC’s price as of press time is $ 25,700.

April 2010 December 2020 rise of BTC price against US dollar: 8,5666,666 times

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