He paid 22 Ethereum (ETH) in exchange for a pair of sneakers

An NFT collector offered 22 Ethereum (ETH) at auction for a pair of sneakers. A collector named WhaleShark paid a price of more than 13 thousand dollars at the time of sale, owning a pair of digital sneakers and a real copy that will be sent in the following days. So, what’s so special about this $ 13k sneaker?

As the crypto art and NFT sector continues to develop, the boundaries of creativity are also being pushed. A collector named WhaleShark paid 22 Ethereum (ETH) for the NFT art sneakers, the total value of which exceeded $ 13,300 at the time of sale.

The collector, known by the name WhaleShark, is known as one of the largest collectors of art and NDT in the industry. So when WhaleShark was interested in this shoe, everyone in the bid pool was locked in his offer. WhaleShark explained to Coindesk that when he encountered these NFT shoes on the internet, he wanted to have them.

“I wanted to hang this on a wall in my office or put it on my digital screen”

In exchange for the 22 ETH WhaleShark paid, he did not own this shoe exclusively digitally. At the same time, this shoe is actually produced in an exact copy of the work and will be delivered to Wahleshark in early 2021.

What’s so special about this $ 13k sneaker?
Inspired by Nike’s Dunk High, the shoe named “The X Evolutions” was created by The Shoe Studio RTFKT, which is very popular on Instagram. The most important feature of the X Evolutions shoe was that it was a flat white shoe at the beginning of the auction started by RTFKT, while brush strokes were being struck on the shoe with the increase in ETH bids.

WhaleShark said in a statement that one of the main reasons it bid was because it wanted to see how the design would change. On November 19, when the auction began, all the participants saw was a plain white sneaker. The design began to change as the offerings exceeded a certain amount of ETH, and colored brush strokes appeared on the digital shoe.

No one could see the final version
RTFKT announced that the auction would last 10 days, and the shoe would be sold to the highest ETH bidder at the end of 10 days. The shoe design was planned to change in 10 stages with the proposals given. Shoe 10. the final phase of the stage was intended to take place by the time 58 ETH was reached. But when the shoe is whaleshark’s with 22 ETH, the design is 6. he stayed in his phase. No one knows what the shoe would have looked like if Proposition 58 had been found.

According to a statement by RTFKT co-founder and CEO Steven Vasilev, this study, which they normally believe could find 58 ETS, remained at 22 ETS due to poor timing. It wasn’t really a good time for us, Vasilev said, adding that as the price of Ethereum increased, people began to hesitate to bid.

“With bitcoin’s boom and subsequent ETH climb, we’ve seen offerings really slow down.”

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