Finland’s Commerce Ministry could make $ 75m with Bitcoin

finland customs sale bitcoin

Finland’s customs directorate will sell about 2 thousand bitcoins confiscated in 2016.

In 2016, law enforcement agencies in Finland seized 981 bitcoins belonging to a drug gang called Douppikauppa. Tulli, the country’s customs directorate, will put these bitcoins up for sale five years ago.

Its current value is $ 75 million

According to the Block, when Finland confiscated these Bitcoins, their market value was 860 thousand dollars. On January 7, 2021, when bitcoin passed 38 thousand dollars, it is worth as much as 75 million dollars.

Pekka Pylkkanen, one of the directors of the customs directorate, spoke to a local news source and announced that these bitcoins will be sold through a broker. Money will be transferred to the Finnish Ministry of Commerce. Pylkkanen said they “want to complete the sale as soon as possible.”

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