Famous Investor: 15 Trillion Dollars Will Flow into Gold and Bitcoin

Speaking with the famous name of the crypto world, Anthony Pompliano, on the “The Pomp Podcast”, macro investor Dan Tapiero said he believes that about $ 15 trillion of wealth will flow into Bitcoin and gold in the next decade. The co-founder of digital asset equity fund 10T Holdings stated that financial institutions will be able to fill up to 10% of their portfolio with gold and 5% with Bitcoin in the next decade.

Tapiero said some institutions could reverse this rate, and some speculative investors accustomed to investing in venture capital could also expand it by 10-15%. The famous name said in the podcast:

“This is a huge, huge amount – 15% of 100 trillion dollars is 15 trillion dollars. It could be $ 15 trillion for this to flow [into gold and Bitcoin]. Or more. I think eventually there will be more. “

Tapiero also discussed whether gold and Bitcoin could coexist in the future. Bitcoin is much bigger than gold and could be a value protocol for the internet, according to Tapiero. In terms of impact, the investor said he thought Bitcoin was fast and predicted the following for the next five years:

“Gold will be 4,000, which means double, Bitcoin will probably be somewhere between 300 and 500,000, which means 20 to 30 times. So I don’t even think anyone in the gold world would even discuss this. ”

The investor, who has 25 years of experience investing in asset classes on Wall Street, added that he did not understand the “constant comparison” of Bitcoin to gold.

“Because you are limiting what it is and if you say to an investor“ Oh, it’s just digital gold ”, they’ll say“ No it’s not ”. That’s it. But if you tell them, “This is an invention similar to the discovery of electricity or the invention of the internal combustion engine,” they will say, “What do you say?”

The investor also cited Pompliano’s article in which he compared Bitcoin to gold:

Look, there is no doubt that Bitcoin will outperform gold, so people should stop talking about it on Twitter.

Tapiero added that although gold is an old asset class, Bitcoin is a new technology.

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