Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Libra Has Changed Its Name!

coinputin.com – Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra has been renamed. According to information obtained, the new name of the cryptocurrency was Diem.

The Libra association plans to rebrand in different steps to distance itself from the original vision. The group of 27 member firms announced on Tuesday it was changing its name to Diem. Thus, a new step was taken for the launch of Stablecoin fixed to the dollar in 2021. The team consists of the following names:

Chief Technology Officer Dahlia Malkhi
Chief of staff Christy Clark
Chief Legal Officer Steve Bunnell
Vice president for growth and innovation and deputy general counsel Kiran Raj

According to the statements, Diem will comply with international regulations at the protocol level when it is released. He said this meant compliance with regulations such as the Financial Action Task Force’s “travel rule,” among other features such as consumer protection, would be included in the network.

The organization is still in contact with regulators around the world to clarify how widely each token can circulate and which fiat currency the next cryptocurrency will be pegged to.

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