Exchanges Prepare For Spark AirDrop: 1.2 Billion XRP Transferred!

coinputin.com – According to data shared by XRPL Monitor, a huge amount of XRP transfers have been performed in the last 15 hours. Global high-end crypto exchanges, led by Bithumb and Kraken, have transferred more than 1.2 billion coins.

The transfers were made in piles of 100 million and 200 million on average, just two days before the snapshot of the long-awaited Spark token AirDrop took place.

Out of that, Jed McCaleb has sold another 29.6 million XRP: his fourth drop in a row this week.

Top-ranked exchanges moved XRP $ 689,163,704
XRPL Monitor has released data on massive XRP transactions carried out in the last 15 hours: 1.2 billion XRP; equivalent to $ 689,163,704. The majority of those funds were carried by San Francisco-based Kraken, which is headed by Bithumb, the largest South Korean trading platform, and Jesse Powell.

As a result, Bithumb traded for 700 million XRP (in three transfers). The Kraken carried 397 million coins (through four transfers). Other major XRP transactions took place on the following exchanges: Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Houbi, Coinbase and Binance. All these exchanges had announced that they were supporting the upcoming Spark token AirDrop, run by Flare Networks.

A snapshot of wallets for Spark AirDrop will be received after 2 days
Flare Networks, the first of its kind, was created as Xrpfork to enable the original chain to begin executing smart contracts through the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which will also be integrated.

On December 2, a snapshot of the XRP Ledger will be taken, which will then be used for free Spark token distribution between XRP owners.

Jed McCaleb sells another 29.6 million XRP
As we reported earlier, this is the fourth transfer since Saturday that former Ripple CTO and co-founder Jed McCaleb has made from his “tacostand” wallet. On December 9, Ripple transferred 266 million coins to his wallet. That amounts to $ 148,031,671.

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