Elrond Network’s EGLD token to be listed on eToroX

Addressing scalable blockchain solutions, Elrond Network announced that the EGLD token will be listed in etorox. The wallet and app launch will also take place in early 2021.

Egld, listed on eToroX
EGLD is the local cryptocurrency of Elrond Network. The previous token Elrond (ERD) underwent a reassessment of 1000 ERD : 1 Egld. EGLD is available on major spot and derivatives platforms with a net market capitalization in excess of $ 313 million. In addition, the Elrond team emphasizes that Egld is part of a project tasked with 1000-fold improving the business volume and performance of existing blockchains.

According to a press release, egld token trading begins on Etorox on December 23. This platform is a cryptocurrency-focused division of the well-known forex and stock trading service eToro. eToroX is designed for enterprise-level digital asset trading.

Crypto wallet and Maiar app to be released in early 2021
In addition, Elrond Network confirmed the launch of the wallet and Maiar app on January 31, 2021. According to the Elrond team, the new app will be a competitor to major payment tools such as Paypal and Venmo.

Elrond CEO Beniamin Mincu highlighted the opportunities blockchain offers for traders, developers and enthusiasts in the global crypto community:

“Elrond is opening a new frontier offering blockchain performance on the internet scale and an intuitive app called Maiar, which we aim to bring the next billion people into the blockchain space.”

The Maiar app will be tasked with creating an intuitive, high-performance payment tool without compromising speed and privacy and with zero tolerance for personal data collection.

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