Elon Musk is on the Spot with a New Bitcoin and Dogecoin Statement

made a brief statement about BTC

Elon Musk, a famous entrepreneur and billionaire whose wealth has steadily grown, is now the richest person in the world. Every statement made by the richest person in the world about Bitcoin (BTC) is predictably on the agenda. Musk, in a response to famous author Ben Mezrich, again made a brief statement about BTC, drawing attention to BTC.

Elon Musk to accept Bitcoin payments
“I will never refuse to receive payments with Bitcoin again” Famous author said in a post published today. SpaceX and Tesla CEO Musk responded to Mezrich’s statement after the price of Bitcoin rose above $ 41,000.

Elon Musk has hinted that he could receive payments with Bitcoin, using the phrase ”Me Too.”

Musk’s Doge confession surprised

This response came as no surprise after the price of Bitcoin hit a record high and total value of the cryptocurrency market rose to more than $ 1 trillion. Amazing thing is that famous CEO made a comment about Dogecoin (DOGE), which he set a record by tweeting a single tweet many times.

Musk, who has previously been known to even add the phrase “Dogecoin CEO” to his Twitter profile, responded negatively to whether he was investing in Dogecoin. Musk gave the community hope with “maybe one day,” though DOGE said he had no investment.

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