Cryptocurrency Statement From PayPal’s CEO: It’s Time For Cryptocurrencies

Dan Schulman, chief executive of popular payments giant PayPal, issued a key statement. Schulman stated that the period we are in is the time of cryptocurrencies.

The CEO of PayPal, which recently added cryptocurrencies to its payment options, said “Now is the time for cryptocurrencies,” according to a tweet from Blockfolio.

Making important remarks on the first day of the Web Summit online conference, Schulman spoke about the future of cryptocurrencies. Schulman expressed optimism that it was time for cryptocurrencies to become mainstream.

They can “help improve financial health” for many people by creating a more efficient financial system, Schulman added. :

”By creating a more efficient financial system, a faster, cheaper, more efficient financial system can be created for many people. In the long run, I feel bullish on digital currencies of all kinds.”

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