Cryptocurrency Investor Accidentally Lost $ 50k

A cryptocurrency investor lost 4,005 Chainlink (LINK) tokens worth 50 thousand dollars and all the savings as a result of a small error. The investor, who tried to make his voice heard on many platforms, received great support from the cryptocurrency community and managed to raise 11 thousand dollars with the donation opened. Here’s the story of the investor who lost his entire savings with a small mistake.

Cryptocurrency investor Dawid (userName D13Kabani) accidentally sent 50 thousand dollars worth of 4005 LINK tokens to the aavegotchi (GHST) smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain network instead of the Binance wallet. It was all too late for the investor, who realised that the transaction had been approved but not supported afterwards. D13kabani, who lost 50 thousand dollars, told about what happened to him on Twitter:

“I wanted to send 4000 links to the Binance wallet address, and I was quick to do it. The address I copied for the transaction was the address of the GSHT staking contract. The transaction was approved but unsupported and my money was lost. I’ve been doing this for 4 years, this is the first time I’ve made such a mistake.”

Expressing his sadness, the investor described this unfortunate incident, which he also experienced on the GitHub platform, and said that he would give 1000 links worth $ 13k to the person who helped. Users shared articles and a variety of information to help the investor.

Aavegotchi came to rescue
Aavegotchi announced on Twitter that they were launching a fundraising campaign for Dawid. He was told the collected donations would be delivered to him on Christmas Day, and the donation link was shared. “Although there has been a technical error, it does not mean that we cannot help as a community,” aavegotchi’s blog post said.


Nick Mudge, the programmer of the aavegotchi smart contract, also found out about the incident d13kabani had experienced and shared the matter on Twitter;

“Someone accidentally sent 4000 links to the gsht smart contract, ” Mudge said. The sender wants his money back and offers to give $ 1,000 to the helper.”

Along with this share, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin was also asked to help him undo the transaction, but Buterin did not respond. Then Nick Mudge opened a fundraising headline on Reddit, quoting the unfortunate situation the investor was going through. Mudge said, ” let’s show some humanity at this holiday time and help Dawid.”

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